Author: April Carter

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How To Remove Mold in Your Home

Mold is an enormous health problem. Mold may cause respiratory problems, allergic reactions, and asthma. It’s crucial to the health of your household to get rid of mold spores in your house properly. Improper removal of mold may cause the mold to really disperse. Various surfaces require various …

Restoring Your Home After Fire and Smoke Damage

We’ve had some mad Michigan weather this past year. The weather has gone from outside to chilly with a whole lot of snow and ends overnight. As most of you know with odd weather comes many natural disasters. One such catastrophe recently struck too close for comfort. 

Repairing Your Home After A Flood

Find the source of the water and have it fixed right away to prevent additional damage. Following the flooding, water remains inside the building for quite a while, which causes extensive mold growth. Basements are deprived of appropriate sunlight, making them more vulnerable to mold growth that is …

Should You Hire a Water Damage Restoration Company?

Whilst in the midst of a current project, the insurance adjuster came out and asked why we are continuing to dry when the floor looked dry upon the adjuster’s visual review. An insurance adjuster, presumedly, is better qualified and has more experience in water damage recovery compared to …