Why You Should Hire a Professional Water Damage Restoration Services

Unlike any other water damage restoration firm, we rescue and restore lives and property together with the PuroClean QuickDry System™ at the shortest possible time and at a much lower price than the conventional drying system a number of our competitors use. 

Get in contact with the experts at PuroClean of Hillsboro, OR if your house floods or experiences other water damage. We’re available 24/7. Floods will often result in water damage to houses, which might appear on the surface as a minor problem, but can quickly escalate into needless, extensive damage to the health and land. Timing is critical to reducing further harm. PuroClean’s accredited and certified techs work compassionately, professionally, and as swiftly as possible to include the water first.

PuroClean Emergency Flood and Related Water Damage Restoration Services in Hillsboro, OR

Our Water Heater Removal Procedure:

  • Initially, our technicians will remove damaged materials. This includes, partly: drywall, fragile wood, carpeting, carpet padding, upholstery, furniture, insulation baseboards, and much more.
  • Once all affected materials are apparent, we start the drying procedure followed by the sanitizing of their water damaged area. Our technicians utilize industrial equipment such as industrial fans and dehumidifiers to aid in this process.
  • Next, throughout the flood restoration process, our experts will address mold damage. All mold damaged regions are disinfected and revived ASAP to halt the chances of spreading.

To remove the standing water out of your home or business, we begin by using strategically positioned specially designed water eliminating equipment that immediately removes water.

  • After the water was removed, any affected areas and belongings are relocated to be stored or thrown off. This first step happens right off and can be completed using our industrial pumps. Puroclean will start water removal instantly using our powerful commercial water pumping equipment. Upon completion of the water removal process, PuroClean will remove all affected structures and/or belongings whether they are to be stored or discarded.
  • Once completed, the equipment will be removed and the water is discarded elsewhere by PuroClean’s technicians.

Drying and Dehumidification

  1. To guarantee this procedure can be entirely performed, the elimination of possessions and upholstery will be critical.
  2. Air moving machines will be sat out around the assumptions strategically in the most suitable locations. The areas that contain the maximum moisture will be the focus, to pull out trapped water. Keep in mind, these machines are very loud.
  3. Next, the water is going to be pulled into the air by the lovers as they complete the dehumidification procedure. Each of the water pulled out is to be disposed of by the PuroClean professional in another location.
  4. PuroClean techs will put back any eliminated property to where they burst once moisture levels are not normal. The technicians monitor humidity levels closely during this drying process to ensure proper drying is occurring.

Water damaged carpet is treated by Puroclean and came back to the original condition during our carpet restoration process.

  1. Finding the source of the water damage is our initial step, then deciding if we think your carpet is salvageable or not.
  2. Water is removed from the carpet that is found to be salvageable.
  3. Then, high-grade air-moving lovers will be employed to remove the moisture in the carpeting to prevent mold growth.
  4. Our technicians will keep you and your own insurance agent in the loop during the drying procedure.
  5. When the carpet is dry, our equipment is going to be removed from the area, and all possessions will be placed back into position.

Mildew can form in the carpet that has been water-damaged quite easily. This mold can subsequently create scents that often spread beyond the affected region into your whole property or business. PuroClean’s process of cleaning, deodorizing, and spot removal will safely and correctly remove this odor.

  • This procedure starts with our certified techs performing a complete review and carpet vacuuming.
  • To fix the affected rug, where needed, your furniture will be removed.
  • Pet odor and spot removal, if needed, is then performed on your carpeting.
  • Available fiber or cloth protection can be obtained, which will protect and extend the value of your carpeting.

Contacting Puroclean and getting a professional to your own water affected areas as soon as possible can help us understand the damage and put ahead on mold removal. The full restoration of your property and full removal of mold is our principal focus. Following is a review of the rigorous process we follow.

  • After carefully inspecting your house for all indicators of mold, we then carefully and completely execute a complete mold removal on your home and possessions.
  • Once all the mold is removed, we’ll deodorize the website. Our deodorization process includes cleaning and disinfecting the construction, fixtures, and content.
  • PuroClean uses advanced business cleaning equipment such as HEPA Filters and HEPA Vacuums to thoroughly remove water and remove all moisture.